Caramel Ship

Est. 2013

Caramel Ship is a collaboration between Yuki Shindo & Desmond C. Simmons. Desmond was a solo rapper/producer working under the psuedonym, PreciseHero & hailing from Detroit, Mi. Yuki is a member of the band Beagles (and many other projects) & based in Tokyo, Japan. They linked up via the interwebs (SoundCloud to be exact), still exchange song parts/ideas online, and hang out when one of them has time for an international vacation. Each work is an effort to support the recreational use of imagination.

Our origins start with our parents, but a good while after that, there were a few tunes that wound up on a cassette release before we were officially a duo called, "A Secret Garden" which was later expanded upon to create our debut, "Playscape+".

Since then, we've followed up with our multimedia-aimed project "Marjoram" & now, we're just working on tunes here and there when adult life permits.

Duo Dynamics:

  • Yuki usually sings lead vocals

  • Desmond raps & sometimes sings

  • Yuki plays guitar, bass, & other instruments

  • Desmond loops dope samples and plays keyboards+synths

  • Sometimes one of us completely composes the tracks. Other times we collaborate on the music.

  • Sometimes an entire song is made by one member and then the other member contributes a part to make it officially a Caramel Ship tune.

  • We don’t have a concrete method of songwriting. We just do what feels right in the moment.


Our Get Around

Digital Release: 05.23.19 [self release]

A new boogie to soundtrack a casual meetup, a California dream come true, or to dance around the house while you clean up.

Written/arranged/performed by: Caramel Ship

In Marjoram OP

Digital Release: 08.18.17 [self release]

Phase 2 of Project Marjoram is an animated short/media-spanning series that Desmond has been working on that will feature some of the concepts presented in Phase 1 of Project Marjoram & even more freewheeling fun!

Written/arranged/performed by: Caramel Ship

In Marjoram Title.gif


Digital/Cassette Release: 02.10.17 [self release]

With a refreshed sound & the look of Saturday A.M., the D.I.Y.-duo of Caramel Ship returns with a new release! 
A loose narrative of the feelings and conversations of the people encountered on a fantastic trip is wound around the tunes in this collection. The loop-based grooves of “Playscape+” are mostly replaced with sweeping synth tones, shimmering arpeggiators, & mechanized rhythms on this 11-track journey through the land of Marjoram. While the project veers more on the electronic spectrum, the love of pop melodies hasn't changed one bit so, pop in your earbuds, strap on your headphones and hop aboard as Caramel Ship takes off for the only kind of adventure that you might catch yourself happily humming later.

All songs written/arranged/performed by: Caramel Ship
Mastered by: Annie Way at Elbert Price Mastering
Doodles/Package/Merch Design: Desmond C. Simmons


Digital Release: 01.05.16 [self release]
Physical Release: 09.21.16 [via Donuts Pop]

Following the release of their initial collaboration, “A Secret Garden”, Caramel Ship teams up again to expand on their brand of whimsical alt-pop stylings with their latest release, “Playscape+”. Taking inspiration from a bevy of musical influences and childhood fantasies, the crew started crafting new tunes with topics stretching from retreats into nature, jaunts with a short-wave princess through a scrapyard carnival, celebrations of Spring, to dream-like larks. All with their usual flair for playfulness & surrealism. 

Each track is wrapped in looping grooves, punchy break beats, & infectious melodies. Spanning 16 tracks in total, “Playscape+” could be the soundtrack to a children's program, a trippy video game, or simply a collection of jams to break up the day to day routine. At the very least, it's an invitation to a free-form happening for any and all that are open to its down to Earth yet spacey charms.

All songs written/performed/arranged by: Caramel Ship
Mastered by: Annie Way at Elbert Price Mastering
Pixel Art: Chelsea Saunders
Photography: Desmond C. Simmons

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